Cracker Boy SeasoningYou know how excited Joy gets when trying out a new recipe (and how excited I am to try it out for her)? Well, one thing she always has on the counter at home, at the lodge, or in the camp kitchen is a bottle of Cracker Seasonings®.

The original Cracker Boy is mighty tasty on just about everything. Developed by P.L. Hepburn (whose Florida roots accounts for the name “Cracker”), Cracker Boy was just the first of about 200 different sauces and seasonings offered by this company. Jars of Cracker Girl and Cracker Girl Hot are usually close to the front of the spice cabinet, too.

Show your Southern PrideWhether you grill it over coals, bake it in a Dutch oven, or fry it in a skillet, Cracker Seasonings will add an edge to your next meal. It’s been part of our recipes for ten years; I can’t imagine going into camp or pulling together a wild beast feast without it. Get yourself over to Trigger to the Table’s Website and pick you out a few.