Meatball, Cheese, Cold Slaw Panini Sandwich – Cooked in Darn Good Anything Sauce

1  Start with store bought frozen meatballs     Darn Good Meatballs Plated
for convenience or home made meatballs.

2  Brown meatballs in oven at 350 degrees
15-20 minutes to bring rich meat flavor out.

3  Place in preheated slow cooker and cover
half way cook with Darn Good Anything Sauce.

4  Cook in slow cooker first for 30 minutes on
high, then 1 hour on low (or) until they look done.

5  Choose your rolls, we used home made yeast rolls.

6  Top meatballs on the roll with pepper jack
cheese to add spice to your life (or your favorite).

7  Top with a generous amount of our signature
Sweet Kick Coleslaw or any coleslaw you prefer.

8  Top with  cheese and a little extra Darn Good Sauce.
Panini press (or) put in oven until cheese is melted.

They are YUMMY!!!