On Public Hunting Areas where required, as per agreement:
(a) Before any person may hunt on a Public Hunting Area he or she must possess a valid and appropriate hunt permit purchased from a Public Hunting Area permit agent. This permit must be available for inspection while on the area.
(b) A Public Hunting Area permit is subject to cancellation if the permittee violates any of the rules and regulations of the area.

General Rules
Use, possession, or transportation of firearms, bows and arrows or other weapons is expressly prohibited except during times when they may be legally used for hunting.

Safety Rules
(a) The hunter’s permit is subject to cancellation if he or she is found to be careless with firearms and no permit fee refund will be made.
(b) No hunt participant shall be in possession of any alcoholic beverage, narcotic drug, barbiturate, or marijuana while hunting within a Public Hunting Area. No person may be under the influence of these substances while hunting on a Public Hunting Area.
(c) Firearms loaded with ammunition in either the chamber or magazine may not be transported in or on motorized vehicles. Exception: muzzleloaders may be transported in a loaded condition if the percussion cap or primer is removed from the nipple or tube. Flintlock muzzleloaders must have the priming powder removed from the pan, the frizzen open and the vent plugged.
(d) Hunting is specifically prohibited inside safety zones on all Public Hunting Areas.

(a) All motorized vehicles must be muffler equipped to suppress noise and be spark arrestor equipped to prevent fires. Operation of motorized vehicles is confined to roads not designated as closed and driving off road into woods, fields, strip mines, foot trails, and utility rights-of-way is prohibited.
(b) Vehicles shall not be parked in any manner which will block or deny access to any road or trail.
(c) The use of wire, nails or other metal materials is prohibited in the building or attaching of climbing devices or hunting stands on or in trees. Hunting is prohibited from any stand attached to a tree with these materials. Portable climbing devices and stands that do not injure trees are exempted from this rule.
(d) No person shall deface, damage, destroy or remove any equipment, structures, signs, trees, plants, dirt or gravel from any Public Hunting Area without proper authorization.
(e) No garbage, refuse, litter or sewage shall be left or deposited on a Public Hunting Area.
(f) The use of buckshot for hunting and/or taking of deer and turkey are specifically prohibited.
(g) Open fires are prohibited on all Public Hunting Areas.
(h) Other miscellaneous uses of Public Hunting Areas shall be in accordance with posted notices and/or as indicated on the hunt permit.