The sweltering days of summer are upon us and it becomes difficult to do anything outside without sweating uncontrollably. The song that states it’s too hot for golf, comes to mind, yet we cannot sit in the house and stare at the walls for another season. So, the next best thing is to go fishing where we can be on the water and attempt to catch our favorite type of fish.┬áNight fishing becomes the major way that most anglers will do what they love and try to remain cool while doing it.
Old Hickory Lake Decor MapWhether you night fish or if you just want to get out for a morning or an evening outing, the temperature of the water can help you locate those elusive fish. During the summer months, fish want to be where they are the most comfortable, much like we do with our air conditioners. Even though you can fish in different parts of the water shed, some shallow some deep, the majority of the fish will be located where they are cooler and still have food available.
Recently on Old Hickory Lake, anglers were finding high water temps in the creeks form the backs of the creeks going toward the river channel. But, the river channel was ten degrees cooler. This is typical that the river channel would be cooler but ten degrees cooler is a significant degree change and that is where the majority of the fish where located.
Summer and winter are the times of the year that temperature becomes the biggest factor for me. Even a one degree change can make a big difference in being able to locate that “mother lode” of angling opportunity. ┬áRide around and watch your temperature readings, it will make a difference.