Bertucci A-2T Classic Round Titanium Case WatchWhen outdoorsmen choose a wristwatch, we’re not just out to make a fashion statement. We demand reliability, ruggedness, comfort, readability, and value. All these are rolled into a handsome timepiece that has become our favorite, the A-2T classic field watch by Bertucci.

One of the first things you’ll notice is this watch’s traditional, analog face with a sweep second hand. Hooray! We get to tell time again like we learned in first grade! (Well, third grade for some of us.) Try telling someone under the age of thirty, “Get ready…ducks coming in at 10 o’clock!” Their response is, “When?” That person really needs this watch!

The high-contrast face with luminous hands and number markers is mounted in a tough, no-nonsense solid titanium case. This isn’t just window dressing, either. That case and the scratch-resistant crystal withstand the bumps, scrapes, and grinds that hunters and anglers are good at dishing out.

As strong as those merits are, what convinced me that this was the watch for me was trying it on. It straps down and fits as comfortably as any watchband I’ve ever felt. A really great-feeling band.

Other advantages of the Bertucci A-2T, other than its handsome appearance, are an interchangeable band and a clip-on protective case cover that come in the box, a five-year battery with a three-year watch warranty. Plus it’s a good choice for those of us who develop contact dermatitis if we wear watches with nickel or chromium in the case. That won’t be an issue with a hypoallergenic 100% titanium case.

A quick Web search will turn up scores of online stores that carry the A-2T Classic Titanium and other Bertucci watches.