The month of July starts the “Buck Moon”, which is the time that our bucks can grow up to eight inches of antler development. Luckily, we will be blessed with two “buck moons” this year before our statewide deer season begins. There is another “buck moon” in August as well.
You should be able to see significant antler development during this time of year. Your trail cameras should be in place to catch glimpses of what bucks you have roaming around on your hunting place. Most of the bucks in the area will be traveling with other bucks just hanging out like bachelor groups. It is not uncommon to have four or five bucks in the same group together.
Get your mineral salt licks out and in areas where two or three trails make an intersection, then set up your trail camera accordingly. Just remember where the morning and evening sun are positioned and try to keep the camera away from those positions, to get really quality photos. Also, watering holes during this time of year are great places for your cameras to get photos of the deer on your property.
One suggestion that I use is to use trail cameras with the time stamp on each photo, this small but significant item, will aid in your being able to pattern the deer activity on your property.
With all of this being said, now is the time to get your mineral licks out and your trail cameras turned on because the antler growth is in full swing.