Middle of February brings some calm almost spring days and then a front from the Artic comes screaming through the Tennessee foothills and puts a 1/4″ of frost or mixed rain and ice on our plans for the weekend. Well welcome to Tennessee, if you don’t like the weather just wait a few minutes, it will change.
By now I have been out of the deer woods for four or five weeks and I want to get started fishing. The weather however, keeps me inside on those really blustering days. On those occasions I bring out the tackle boxes and begin to sort through my favorite baits, making sure that the hooks are sharp and free from rust. I take this time to go through my All Pro Rods and check the eyes for any damage using a cotton swab. I check and oil my reels too so that when I need to make that forty yard plus cast there is only me to blame if I don’t hit the mark. I check my line, to see if there is any damage or rough spots in the line, too many horror stories of losing that winning fish because of a frayed line or a damaged knot.
Checking my lures is the best part though, I like to experiment with maybe adding a different sized hook or adding one of those spot weights to the lure to change it’s presentation. I have the convenience of a “test pond” or “pool” as some would call it. This “test pond” allows me to watch the action of certain baits and the depths of certain suspending lures.
This also a great time to sit in your boat and place your tackle and gear in compartments that you feel will ultimately make you a better fisherman, lol.
As you can tell by now, my fever should have me at the Emergency room, but I think that I will just pray for a warmer day, and then go see if my well planned and thought out process will make me more successful. God, I pray that it does.