Junkyard Dawg
Hot Dog Buns
Favorite Kind of Hot Dogs
Cheddar or American cheese slices
Sweet Kick Coleslaw (just slaw and
Sweet Kick Anything Sauce to taste)
Darn Good, Creole, Chipotle, and
Sweet Kick Anything Sauce
Dizzeebyrd’s Famous Blackening Seasoning

For Dizzee’s Famous Junkyard Dawg start with covering the seam of the bun with a slice of cheese to keep the bun from getting soggy.

Place your hot dog on the cheese and let the fun begin.

If you like a little spice add some Chipotle or Creole Anything Sauce.
Top it with some Sweet Kick coleslaw.
Drizzle some Darn Good Anything Sauce on top,.. and maybe go all out with a sprinkling of some of Dizzeebyrd’s Famous Blackening Season!
Open Wide for a true Dizzee’s Junkyard Dawg and enjoy!