Muck BootsI tramped straight from the farm into the studio this week, and Joy fussed at me for wearing my 10-year-old pair of Muck Boots. Not that I didn’t have a chance to change into sneakers in the truck, but the truth is I don’t own another pair of shoes that feel as good as my Mucks!

Through leagues of snow, mud, farm yard muck, over dusty trails, those boots have kept my feet comfortable and dry, but they’re showing the miles. Nail snags, briar scratches, rock scrapes and something that looks suspiciously like bird shot pattern testify to how often I’ve worn those boots in the field.

All good things come to an end, even if they’re as rugged and durable as Muck Boots, so I was delighted to retire my well-worn trail gear when Trigger to the Table‘s Chef Mitch Prever and Cracker Seasoning‘s Brent Price presented Joy and me with his and hers Muck Boots. You could probably tell how tickled I was by my grin, and if you encounter me on the trail, in the woods, or along the lake shore this winter, I’ll be glad to show them to you.

As any builder will tell you, it never pays to skimp on your foundation. The same holds true for outdoorsmen; don’t skimp on your foundation. Make sure you’re wearing scent-blocking boots that provide exceptional support and cushioning while keeping your dogs warm and dry…Muck Boots.