We’ve come to expect anything with the Secret Weapon name on it to be something special. Their spinnerbaits and buzzbaits with interchangeable spinner blades were a huge leap ahead in terms of versatility and performance…not to mention value. And their popular dropshot upgrade, the Recoil Rig, is changing how we think about getting balky fish to bite even on the toughest days.

Secret Weapon Buzz Kill'R blade attachmentBut that company’s reputation for innovation didn’t prepare me for the Buzz Kill’R! They got the name right, because that’s just what it does. This inline buzz-blade goes between your line and lure. Clip a hollow frog or thread a soft plastic toad, lizard, or monster worm on a big hook behind it, and you’ll present bass and musky with something they’ve never felt, heard, or seen before…and find hard to resist, too.

Joe Haubenreich, president of Secret Weapon Lures, told me they’ve been making these clip-on blade attachments for Louisiana fishermen since 2003 but just added them to their catalog this year. I don’t know what took them so long! I could have used this this thing on Chickamauga, Guntersville, Old Hickory, and other lakes across the South. It sputters and churns across open water and then skips across matted weeds and through willow grass without a hitch. This newest secret weapon is a must for your arsenal.

I probably shouldn’t share this, but I realize that most fishermen stick with what’s worked for them in the past, so I think it’s not going to reduce my edge in tournaments to let the cat out of the bag: Clip a 10- to 12-inch wire leader behind the buzz blade and then attach that to a big swimbait, and you’ll end up with one of the deadliest lures I’ve ever cast!

HOOK 1 pro Dave Rigsby discovered the effectiveness of this rig on Old Hickory a couple months ago, and he keeps one tied on a rod every day now. On Chickamauga earlier this month, Rigsby caught two 5+ pound largemouth on successive catches by running his buzzer/swimbait combo past isolated weed patches. He uses big swim baits, too; nine inches or more. The long leader multiplies the action of the big shad imitator. To a big bass, it appears to be an unwary shad or smaller bass chasing some critter frantically splashing across the surface. Five to eight inch leaders result in short-strikes, but with the foot-long leaders, Rigsby has yet to miss hooking up.

Throw this right to the bank or onto a grass mat and then s-l-o-w-l-y reel it back. The blades lub-lub-lub across the surface at an infuriatingly slow pace, and close behind trails your swimbait with sort of an underwater walk-the-dog motion. A weighted swim bait hook, with 1/16- or 1/8-ounce of lead cast at the bottom of the hook bend, may help the bait keel, but try it without weight first.

If you’re handy with round-nose pliers, you can probably dismantle a few of your old buzzbaits and build an in-line quick-clip buzz blade. Pick them up at HOOK 1’s new store on W. Main Street in Hendersonville or online at Secret Weapon Lures or the HOOK 1 online store.