Time to prepare 30-45 MinsGrilled chicken wraps 5 5 2016
1 lb Chicken Breast feeds 2-4


1-16oz Bottle Sweet Kick Anything Sauce (use 1/2 cup for each pound to marinate)
(Then drizzle 1/8 cup on wraps before serving)
OPTIONAL-1/8 Cup Original White BBQ mixed with Ranch Dressing Seasoning for Dairy-Free Ranch Drizzle
1-pkg Chicken Breast (fresh is best or frozen)
1-Hearts Of Romaine Lettuce
1-Sliced Tomato
Pickle Spears or Stackers, your favorite flavors (we used some Dill and some Bold & Spicy)
1-pkg Tortilla Wraps we used high fiber & flavored with Tomato/Basil & Spinach/Herbs)
OPTIONAL-Cheese of your choice
Potato Chips or Fries for Side, sprinkled with DizzeeByrd’s Famous Creole Blackening Seasoning

Marinate Chicken by putting just enough sauce to cover meat like butter on bread, on all sides (if it’s not touching the meat it’s not doing any good!) Don’t drown em & throw away sauce…1-2 hrs or overnight. Save leftover for basting

Grill or if not able, oven roast Chicken low & slow, until juices run clear, don’t overcook, watch carefully as sauce can burn, want it just beautiful Golden Brown!

Slice Thin To Win, LOL and wrap in lettuce (low carb option) or tortillas
Add favorite veggies/cheese from list above

Drizzle with fresh Sweet Kick Anything Sauce or with Dairy-Free Ranch Option

Serve with Creole Chips/Fries

If mustard allergy, substitute Original White BBQ, Wasabi, Chipotle, Creole, or Darn Good Anything Sauces, on EVERYTHING! (Especially fresh game & fish!)