Marinate Salmon (or your favorite fish filets) in        Wasabi Blackened Salmon w-Hollandaise
Wasabi Anything Sauce for 2 hours or overnight.

Use just enough sauce to coat fish, if it’s not
touching the meat it’s a waste.

Coat flesh side of filet liberally with DizzeeByrd’s Famous Creole Blackening Seasoning.

Prepare Hollandaise per package
(Or if time and ambition, from scratch)

Heat Cast Iron Skillet; place filet skin down to begin cooking, when flesh changes color halfway up, then flip carefully to blacken top, (Tip-hold your breath when spice hits the hot pan or you mace yourself lol)

When blackened fish should be just done, don’t overcook to be juicy and be tender inside, then top with Hollandaise if desired.

Serve with asparagus or seared geen beans in sesame oil with garlic salt (as pictured)

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