• Strip your Wild turkey into 1″ x 6″
  • Cook the turkey just like you would your fried chicken; remove and drain any excess oil.
  • One or two large cans of mushroom soup
  • Fresh mushrooms to taste; we love ’em so never to much for us!
  • Can mushrooms to taste; again, we love ’em
  • Season to taste
  • Rice of choice, cooked


In your frying pan, save a little of your grease to make your gravy. Add a little flour for your base. I remove my pan from the heat just for a few minutes to cool. Add your mushroom soup and stir until smooth. Add some milk until smooth if your gravy is too thick. I make mine thin since by the time you add your meat it will thicken fast. I use can and fresh mushrooms in mine. I serve over wild rice.